Getting back on track

I’ve been MIA for quite some time now. I think I got bit by the nesting bug and all efforts turned baby-related and therefore the blog fell by the wayside. However, our little lovebug is here (pictures soon!) and we’re gaining some kind of new routine, of which blogging will be a part!

Guess what?!? Today is “Food Day”! Yay for food! We love food! Wait, what??? You over there, you worry about food and gaining weight? Or you, the one obsessing over  what you or your kid’s eat? Ah, so sad but yes I understand, you’re the one worried about having enough food to put on the table, huh? Oh, but, you! You could care less what fancy-schmancy docs say about this nutrient or that new study, right? Or are you the one who’s tried every diet trend on the market to still be confused by whats good and bad food? Tell me!!!

I have my own personal opinions on food and I’ll delve into those more as the days go by but I truly want a reality check here. What is your relationship with food?  Be honest!! I’m afraid maybe I’ve gotten caught up in blogs from dietitians and nutrition activists etc and have made some assumptions about the general population, that just aren’t holding up. And I want to make this blog something that everyday people can understand, relate to, and easily utilize the information and advice in their everyday lives. So help me improve!!

All you have to do is tell me- What is your relationship with food? What importance does it hold in your life (obviously besides merely sustaining it)? How do you base your decision on what food to eat for the next meal, and in general? Thanks in advance!!!


3 thoughts on “Getting back on track

  1. grannydog says:

    I’ll be the first to jump in here and reply. I try to keep my Dad’s outlook on food, “I eat to live, not live to eat.” My eating habits are fairly healthy, I do love vegetables… much more than I care for fruit. I would prefer to eat boneless skinless, baked chicken breasts rather than beef. And, I think that I understand what is and what is not good for healthy living insofar as food intake. But, after hitting menopause, I began gaining weight and find myself 35 pounds over my high school weight from 40 yrs. ago.
    Wanting to be healthier, I cut out bad carbs (I have a sweet tooth) and within 2 weeks, I lost 10 pounds. I haven’t made any further dietary changes, nor increased my activity level, but, I need to seriously get back on track to lose the next 10 of those 35 pounds. I had always been underweight up until I hit menopause, so these extra pounds are bothersome!! I look forward to reading your blog! 😀

  2. Since June my husband and I have removed pre-packaged foods, sodas, white bread, pasta and rice to name a few things from our diet. We have increased our consumption of fresh veggies, lean meats and fresh fish. We wanted to eat better, not diet. I feel better, have more energy and have lost 15 pounds. Several members of our Bible Study group are changing the way they eat, incorporating more veggies and lean meats into their eating plan. I think its a that may have been brought on by our tough economic times. I also see people wanting to support their neighbors and buy locally grown and raised products. Not to mention atisan meats, breads and cheeses have so much more flavor than the mass produced products. As for me I love a good story and locally grown products have a story.

    Congratulations on your new bundle of joy.

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