a not-so-well-thought-out smorgasbord of articles from my newsfeed and blogroll

A great article on for anyone on pride, walking a mile in another’s shoes, and shame we unknowingly dish out when our ignorance shows. 

I’m pretty much in love with this blog I stumbled upon recently as a whole and am still discovering so many nuggets, but this article on giving up on your dreams really touched me, and hello! thrifty cute finds curated from Wal-mart with an entire Thrifty Thursday category to explore is pretty amazing too!

As a photographer I already know about the magic of Photoshop but here’s a reality check for you. Celebrities look just like you and me, so let’s all just love our bodies and ourselves for more than the exterior. 

And who wouldn’t love a football story better than Rudy’s, especially at one of my favorite schools, Rice University.

And I just love Seth Godin so start at his most recent article and keep reading until you need to get back to reality. 

I hope you enjoyed taking a peek at all of the tabs open on my browser. Please leave your favorite article of the day in the comments!




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