Never Forget 9/11/01

USA, American Flag, Sunset, Stars and Bars, Old Glory,


I can still remember being in the gym playing volleyball when the coaches rolled a TV into the room and all of us started gathering around to watch the world trade center. And on and on through out the day, the replay of the planes hitting, the tower falling, the sky view shots of the pentagon. It was an unbelievable loop, concreting the fact that America would never be the same.

Thank you to all men and women who have served in the military, private contractor, and our government before those harrowing attacks, and those who signed on after as well. Our generation would never be the same and will always be in debt to you. And especially to all of the innocent lives lost that day, the debt can never be repaid and the scars left behind will never fully heal. My heart goes out to anyone who lost a loved one that day or in the days and years following due to the war that this attack provoked.

Some may be scratching their heads as to why I included members of our government in the above list. Our government structure, no matter how corrupt it has become, is America. The people serving in those spots still bear huge responsibilities every day and toe the line to take on the battle for which ever side they’re on. And this day 12 years ago, they were put to the test, to stay strong, recover, and bring our country back to at least a partial state of what it used to be. That’s no easy task.

I may have major issues with our government but today is not the day to air them. Today is the day to remember, to pay respects to the lives lost, and to be grateful for the lives we have.


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