Having Your Cake, And Only Eating The Icing

Cake, Icing, Birthday Cake,


For mother’s day, one of my good friends gave me a rocky road creme cake from the local bakery in town. It was a good cake, delicious in fact.

But of course, we can’t finish off a whole cake in one day, so there were left overs in the fridge today. Ayden wanted to have some after lunch, so I got it out. Now call me lazy, but our new place doesn’t have a dishwasher, and I’d already washed the dishes from yesterday, breakfast, and lunch, and I just didn’t feel like dirtying up two more dishes so we ate off of the actual cake.

I made a little line showing Ayden where our “pieces” were and told him we could eat that and save the rest for later. Then we dug in! The cake was drier than yesterday, not as satisfying but the icing was still delicious! My son was just picking at the icing and eating it and leaving the cake behind. I started to correct him to say “Ayden you have to eat your cake with your icing” but I stopped myself and really thought about it.

If we only enjoy the icing, then why eat the rest of the cake? So it’s not wasted? It’s not like that cake is doing us or starving children in Africa any favors anyways. I think one of the problems with how Americans eat today is that we don’t eat what we really enjoy, what truly tastes good. We eat what takes the least amount of effort, and thats usually whatever we are given.

It takes effort to seek out a farmer’s market or a CSA for local, organic produce. It takes effort to bake bread or cook a meal from scratch. It takes effort to pick your own produce and preserve it properly so you know from seed to plate, where your food has been. It takes effort to budget properly and seek out grass-fed beef and pastured meat. But this food is what tastes the best!

Why are we all settling for food that doesn’t taste the best that it possibly could? And I don’t buy that it’s elitist or too expensive. Thats not saying that it isn’t more expensive, it definitely is and should be! But it’s not too expensive if you take the time and make it a priority.

What do you think? Here’s to great icing!


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