31 degrees below zero, Let’s Run

Some of the ice had already melted at this point


I looked at the thermometer and was surprised by the thought that popped in my head.


Why not go for a run?


I’m not quite sure why I had this thought. Maybe it was the fact that I was cleared to run weeks ago by my doctor but I’d only gotten the chance once. Or maybe it was the hectic week here at the house with my little guy potty training and my precious 3-month-old on a growth spurt. Or maybe it was a little bit of me just wanting to be able to say, “Yea I ran at -31 degrees, so what?” Either way, I began to mentally pick out the layers as I fed my baby girl one last time before I headed out. Two pairs of socks, three layers on bottom, three layers on top plus a balaclava, music, dog leash, trail shoes, ready.

After some pictures for proof, my anxious pup and I headed out. Honestly, it wasn’t that bad. I got through about two songs, roughly ten minutes and decided to head back. The parts that made me turn it in were finger tips and toe tips, not even my whole foot! I also think a better fitting balaclava would be nice. But I would do it again for sure. Something about being out in the extreme cold, the mountains in view, a lively companion, and shaking off the cabin fever has sparked an addiction. I’ll only be able to get outside when the hubby is home during the day since the sunlight leaves the sky earlier than he does from work, however there will be plenty more negative degree runs to come.

Oh, did you want to see the pictures?


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4 thoughts on “31 degrees below zero, Let’s Run

  1. All I can say is Brrrr. And I thought at first you were talking about a baklava, which as far as I know, is a pastry, but apparently your’s is some sort of head wrap.

  2. grannydog says:

    I enjoyed this so much! It reminded me of when I was younger (about 25 years ago) and lived in Canada, enjoyed the -40C occasions of hauling in fire wood. So invigorating! 🙂

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