Food Stamps for Frappucinos?!?

I was reading through articles on Huffington Post and one in particular really ticked me off. It was spreading the discovery that frappucinos could be purchased with a state food stamp card. This discovery was made by Fox 12 News in Oregon, who initiated the investigation.




What  misuse of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), which is what the food stamp program is known as now. It’s bad enough that you can purchase crap foods like soda and candy with this money but now Starbucks?!? Apparently it only works on shops within grocery stores due to their licensee agreements. And since you can’t purchase hot food items with a SNAP card, the drink or food item must be cold. Yes thats right, you can buy one of their lovely (overpriced and sugary) baked goods with your frappucino.

I just don’t get it. If you are making so little that you qualify for this program, then you are in one of the most “at risk” groups for obesity and so are your children. So why are we allowing the group of people who need good quality food the most to waste the tax dollars given to them on Starbucks and candy? And then these people want to complain that healthy food is too expensive, it’s cheaper to buy chips and soda. STOP WASTING MONEY ON CHIPS AND SODA AND YOU COULD AFFORD GOOD FOOD! Check this math out. If  a family of four goes to a fast food restaurant and orders only items off of the dollar menu, lets say a drink, fries, and burger for each person, thats $12 plus tax. If you do that five nights a week thats $60 a week on fast food. Don’t buy the fast food and use that $60 to buy whole foods, mostly in bulk, and you can have five meals (maybe even seven depending on sales) that are actually nutritious and good for you. I personally have been on the SNAP program and was able to feed my family good nutritious meals with the money allotted to us. Heck, I was even able to buy organic on the “dirty dozen”-the produce items most contaminated with pesticides. Did it take more work on my part? Yes! But was it worth it to know that my family would be exponentially better off for it? Heck Yes!

People need to get back to the basics. Learn how to cook from scratch again. Stop relying so much on convenience foods. The art of setting a budget, planning menus, and strategically grocery shopping should be a required course in schools. Everyone needs to eat so everyone should have to take it. Just randomly kicking around ideas here.

Whats your reaction to frappucinos for food stamps or other flaws in our country’s SNAP program?


4 thoughts on “Food Stamps for Frappucinos?!?

  1. Jenn says:

    A couple months ago there was talk about Taco Bell trying to get approved to accept Food Stamps (aka the Lone Star Card here in Texas) and I noticed shortly thereafter that Sonic accepts it. I think it’s ridiculous. The point of food stamps is supposed to be to give you a hand when you can’t quite afford to feed your family, NOT to be able to go out and splurge on fast food and other extras.

  2. I was just talking about this with my boyfriend the other day. The food stamp program allows for far too many abuses, like this one. When my children were young and I needed financial assistance with feeding them, I thought that the WIC program was wonderful. The vouchers allowed for specific, healthful items that could be obtained from the grocery store. If food stamps were to switch to a voucher system that calculated the dietary needs of a family, then allowed for specific items, such as frozen vegetables, certain meats, fish and poultry and some fresh fruits and vegetables, people would not be able to abuse the system the way they do. It would also make “selling” food stamps nearly worthless, combating another abuse of the system.

  3. I think that many of the people who need to read this are not reading blogs or getting other worthwhile information via the internet. Agree that turning food stamps into vouchers for specific items makes more sense. Originally that is how they were done. I would see folks in the check out lane with their items divided – they’d pay for the allowed items with food stamps, then pay cash for the soda, cigarettes, beer etc that were not allowed on food stamps.

    • I don’t think you quite caught my meaning. Food stamps have never allowed for beer or cigarettes or other non-food items. Like the blog was saying, food stamps don’t allow for “hot” food items such as restaurant food, either. Separating groceries into food and non-food items would be necessary. The WIC system is very different. Each voucher tells you exactly what you can have. Like one voucher would say:

      2 Gallon Milk
      1 8oz. package. cheese
      Doz. eggs
      2 12oz. packages cereal

      You would be limited to getting only those items. My mother got food stamps when I was a little girl. Food stamps have never been limited like this. In fact, businesses now days are trying to get the government to let them abuse the system even more. If Sonic and Taco Bell start accepting food stamps, where will it stop? Those are taxpayer dollars that are being used to create childhood obesity. MY dollars…

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