The road to…

I have fallen in love with the roads up here. So many turns and bends with amazing scenery to lead into.

Sadly I don’t stop and get out of the car much to take a decent photo,  so please excuse the dirt on the windshield.

But at times it feels like I’m taking the same shot over and over. I am loving the challenge of finding new angles for these picturesque scenes.

This one is an angle I will be exploring more of. I love the range from the rocks close up all the way to the heavens.

No sky? Not in love with it yet.

What I do love about pictures of roads is that you can never quite tell if you are moving forward into the image or backward. I realize you could convey this by putting an object in motion or footprints on the road but I prefer it to be empty. It allows you to ponder did I just make it up that steep hill or am I about to find out whats around the bend?  Also, you never know what the rest of the road looks like. It reflects back on life in general. At times we pay tribute to the struggles we’ve been through, while at others we contemplate what’s coming next. When you see a person you never quite know where they are headed or what they’ve been through until you ask questions. Life can seem long and lonely at times but thats why the roads and paths with the beauty of friendships and great views are worth searching out.



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