It doesn’t take a college degree!

I recently read an article on Fooducate that had some very interesting comments. Two of which rubbed me the wrong way in particular.

“As a Registered Dietitian, I am concerned about the advice offered in this article because it is not science-based and a “foodie” with a PhD in Sociology does not qualify as as a child nutrition expert. Disappointed in Fooducate’s decision to post this article”

“Children cannot decide good nutrition for themselves. Ordinary citizens are too ignorant and irresponsible to do the right nutritional thing. That is why public health experts must step in and decide for the good of society. Personal responsibility is not to be relied upon for anything so vitally important as nutrition and healthiness. We must strictly regulate food choices to bring obesity under control before it kills us all.”

Seriously people?! It doesn’t take a college degree to know what to eat. Here was my reply

“Really? So how did our ancestors survive without the help of “public health” experts? How come ever since nutrition science and public health figures have began giving nutrition advice the obesity epidemic has gotten worse. Not to mention the rates of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and certain cancers. And furthermore there are quite a few links between Big Agriculture businesses like Monsanto and Smithfield and the USDA & FDA. The very organizations our government has in place to protect our health and help educate our citizens are being controlled by former execs of Big Ag companies who are still getting pensions and probably have stocks in their old employers. It’s ridiculous! US Citizens aren’t stupid or naive. Most everyone knows they should eat more fruits and veggies and less Coke and candy, but its the habits and triggers they pick up as children that end up determining what they eat. There has never been a time in US history when nutrition education and “health & wellness” have been so forth right and everyone seems to be shoving their opinions out there. It doesn’t take a college education to know what to eat, it takes a healthy relationship with food and exposure to all sorts of healthy whole foods as a child. Public health experts and nutrition scientists constantly make the mistake of trying to pinpoint one single nutrient, macro- or micro-, that is the enemy or the savior. Always labeling nutrients and foods as good or bad, attaching guilt and shame. There are a number of traditional diets that have sustained the cultures with the longest life spans but not one of them is exactly the same. They are varied but all consist of WHOLE real foods, the Western diet and its obsession with what’s the “hot” new healthy food choice is creating yo-yo dieters, and a never ending spiral towards obesity. And who is benefiting? The companies who can no make fortified cereals with the latest and greatest nutrient and health claim slapped on the package. Encouraging kids to try new items while giving them choice empowers them to explore real whole foods”

Theres so much more I could go on about, but I’d like to hear from you the readers!!! What are your thoughts?


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