Pizza and Reflections

We had some delicious pizza, with a perfect thin and crispy crust. Here is the recipe I used. I love it because I can make it a few days ahead of time and then just whip the dough out, let it warm up and start throwing. Yes, I actually throw my pizza dough in the air! Centripetal force can’t be beat baby! We kept it simple with just homemade sauce, cheese, and turkey pepperoni.


Afterwards we sat around the fire outside and toasted marshmallows. Little Man and Hubby found moose tracks in the mud and did some exploring. I just have to say, I was a little worried giving up school plans and being near everyone I knew to come up here. But I am truly glad we did! In just the week we’ve been here it already feels like this is home. I’m so glad to have our family back together, I don’t think there is any feeling better than that. Ayden has been doing so much better now that he has his daddy again too! He even goes and snuggles with him in bed while I make breakfast on the weekends. And now he finally has his wrestling buddy back, something he dearly missed back in Texas. Even though I still don’t know what exactly the future holds with finishing my education, I do know its too important to me to just let it go. I will finish, but on God’s timeline. He is the one who has set this all up and enabled us to get where we are today. I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge that fact and thank Him for everything he has brought us through and for the future He has planned for us. I never would have imagined this is how life would pan out when Hubby and I first started dating but it has truly been an amazing ride. I still remember that goofy high school boy and I still see him in there quite a bit but he’s definitely changed and become a man, wonderful hubby, and amazing daddy. Feeling very blessed today, and loving life!


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