Warning: May induce drooling

Delicious Peach Pie

So these past few days have been filled with baking and cooking and meeting new friends! First by popular request here is the recipe for the peach pie. I did tweak it for my particular taste and needs. Peaches up here were not pretty in the store so I had to give in and buy a can of peach pie filling. So I didn’t need the tapioca, and I also did a half teaspoon nutmeg instead of a quarter, just my personal preference. And since I did a lattice top on the pie instead of a full cover I did not add the butter on top.

The top crust was probably the only other thing I did different from the recipe. So when I rolled out the second pie crust I cut it into 1 inch strips. Then you place every other piece going one direction on the pie. Next you take the other pieces and weave them in. Then I just used a fork to seal everything around the edges. I do have to say before I bake anymore pies I really need to get an actual pie shield. Wrestling with aluminum foil to cover the outer crust was beyond frustrating, but worth it.


Tonight is pizza with the homemade dough and I’ll post pics and the recipe for that tomorrow! For now, drool over our dinner from last night. It was chuck mock tender steak which I had never used before but it turned out pretty good. I read up on it and some sites said the steaks could be cooked with dry heating methods but the roast had be cooked with wet methods, others said both needed to be in wet heating methods or  the meat could get tough. I went ahead and broiled mine with more marinating liquid than I would usually use. I don’t think they turned out too tough but there were a few pieces of cartilage or something that was extra chewy. Little Man ate a few pieces with no problems though. Then on the side we had baked potatoes, steamed veggies, and of course the peach pie for dessert. It was delicious!

Peaking in at the steaks

right out of the oven

Simple Baked Potatoes

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Pierce potatoes with a fork, coat with olive oil, and sprinkle on a little salt. Place in oven for one hour, more or less depending on size of your potatoes! Enjoy!

so simple, so good

Simple Steamed Veggies

Place a doubled up damp paper towel on a large plate. Place either fresh veggies or frozen veggies on plate in a single layer. Season with your favorite mix, I personally keep it simple with black pepper, a little garlic salt, and recently started using a lemon pepper mix, but to reduce sodium in the future I plan on just zesting a lemon on there instead. If using fresh veggies, dampen a single paper towel to place on top; if using frozen veggies, just place a dry paper towel on top. Microwave in one minute intervals until your veggies reach the desired tenderness. Place in a bowl and top with something acidic. I’ve been on a red wine vinegar kick lately. However, if you use fresh lemon zest as a seasoning, you could use the lemon’s juice at the end and I’m sure that would make a nice finish as well.

One last look.... Yum!


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