The Alaskan Adventure Begins!!!

The little man and I have officially moved up with hubby/daddy to Alaska! It has been amazing so far! Here is a little synopsis of our flight in and then some pics of the drive to our little town by the mountains.


We arrived in the early afternoon to Bush Intercontinental Airport. After checking in the baggage, saying good bye to G-ma and Papa, we were offer to security! I was dreading this part since we had 4 carry-on bags, including my backpack with laptop and camera which would have to be pulled out and put in separate bins while simultaneously keeping my very curious Little Man from running off. Fortunately, he did great and we didn’t cause a big hold up or anything. He even pulled his own rolling “Cars” carry on suitcase through all of the airports.

The first flight was not so great, sitting in the back row with absolutely no recline and funky shaped seats that made me have to kind of hunch over. Very uncomfortable for this prego mommy, but Little Man did wonderful, played with his new cars, colored a bit, and then fell asleep on the descent lol. While on our lay over we found an indoor playground and he was able to run, jump, and slide to burn off some energy. It wasn’t fun trying to get him to leave but a promise to ride on the airport train(the tram between concourses) did the trick.

The next flight was the longer one and the one I was most worried about. We ended up in the back row again but this time there was recline. We shared the back row with another woman traveling with three kids by herself, an infant, a toddler, and a kindergartener. Wow! Made me feel like traveling with just one and  one on the way was a cinch. Finally we started our descent into Alaska, and even from above it is gorgeous, unspoiled wilderness. Until you finally get close to the airport, all you see is dark green trees and fields barely dotted with houses and not even enough roads to count on two hands.

Finally we were wrapped up in big bear hugs from Daddy! It felt so good to be back with him! I missed my hubby so much! So we grabbed all the luggage, headed to the hotel, and grabbed some dinner on the way. Poor Little Man, I guess all the flying and then driving messed with his tummy, he didn’t want to eat much and eventually threw up right outside the base where our hotel was. So we pulled over, cleaned him and the carseat up, changed his clothes, and got him settled for the 5 min drive to the hotel. We had to hunt for milk since the gas station on base had just closed, but fortunately were able to get some from the hotel. It was a hectic evening but I was glad Hubby was there with me.

The next day we just did some shopping, and exploring Fairbanks, finally ending with our grocery shopping and heading out for the long drive home. I’ll leave you with some pictures and the promise of more to come. We’ve had plenty of adventures in our first few days here, and I’m working to catch up on here!



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