Let’s start the discussion!

I have a tendency to post articles or other blog posts to my Facebook that I find interesting and want to have a discussion about. However, the response is usually silence or a few “likes”. Which is fine, so not everyone is interested in what I am, such is life! So I wanted to start a separate Facebook Page and corresponding blog to connect with others out there who share my interests and passions. I love debating and seeing other sides to an argument or hot topic, so please chime in!

I’ll keep updating, if you keep talking!


Today I want to talk about the ground turkey recall! Two articles to get us started

Why Kevin’s Law is Still Needed

In all honesty, this law seems to be common sense to me! I don’t understand why anyone, save the conventional beef and poultry industries, would not want this put into action. And even though the beef and poultry industries would have to work harder to keep up with standards and fix contamination problems that they are able to get away with now, it could potentially save them money in the end. I have to wonder how big of a dent throwing away 36 million pounds of fresh and frozen ground turkey is putting in Cargill’s bottom line. The profits that could have come about from the Arkansas facility’s production from February 20 to August 2 of this year are now being thrown out with the trash. On a weaker note, I believe and hope the more meat scares we have, the more consumers will switch to organic 100% grass-fed or pastured meat and poultry products. Hopefully in the future the conventional meat and poultry producers will wake-up and realize that profits aren’t possible with ailing customers and massive amounts of product being throw away.

Do Organic Practices Really Make a Difference?

I’m thrilled to see this study back-up the suspicions that the organic practice of not using preventative antibiotics lowers the amount of antibiotic resistant bacteria that develop. The study doesn’t say whether there was less bacteria on the organic chicken farms, however, I still find it a positive note that at least the percentage of bacteria able to be killed with antibiotics was higher than conventional practices. Also, there is a reference in the article to the ban on antibiotic use in Europe so obviously meat and poultry industries can still turn out enough product to turn a profit while keeping customers safe. I think our meat and poultry producers could take a few lessons from those in Europe but it may take major companies taking a stand to make a difference. Take the fight against rBST where Wal-mart, Kroger, and Costco have all taken a stand and pledged to not sell milk produced by cows treated with rBST. Thus dairy processors and producers across the nation are being nudged to change their ways in order to keep these big time clients. Maybe a similar stand is needed by these major retailers in order to reduce or eliminate the use of antibiotics in the meat and poultry industry. How do we, the concerned consumers, make this happen? Every food dollar we  spend is like a vote. These major retailers pay attention to where sales are spiking and where sales are dropping. If more people place their ballot in the organic pastured 100% grass-fed box it will be noticed!!! So the next time you stroll through the meat department, take a little time to consider if that extra $2-$4 is worth a vote in the direction of change for improved public health. Personally, I believe it is.


What are your thoughts on the turkey recall? What do you see as the solution to these problems in our food industry?


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